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My Ph.D. – an exercise in regular writing

After reading through Pat Thomson’s Blog about how blogging can assist with academic writing, I’m going to give it a stab. To be frankly honest, I’d prefer to be modeling something up in software, burning out an electrical component, or sketching out a new idea/solution to something, rather than writing.

I do however generally always have a notebook a hand to jot down what I’ve been up to, of which rarely see the light of day. So this will be an attempt to record the progress of the next 4 years whilst I undertake my Ph.D. spelling mistakes and all.

Before I get into all of that, an introduction into what this journey will be all about, a little on the back story. I recently finished up with an MSc in Medical Device Design through NCAD, Dublin, which was wild, to say the least. The exposure and opportunity to work with top-tier medical companies on projects promoted the projects to more than blue-sky academic exercises in design, coupled with colleagues from varied backgrounds elevated the outcomes of the projects beyond what would have been possible through a single endeavor.

Then, during my thesis project, whilst catcing-up on LinkedIn news, I read a posting from our course coordinator about a Ph.D. position available for a suitable candidate at UCD (University College Dublin). The topic of 3D Printing of Medical Devices with the aid of Multi-Axis Robotic platform was like WTF – seriously – I want in. So a year-long MSc has developed into a 4 year-long Ph.D. where at the end, firstly, I’m aiming to complete the project – sane, but more so contribute positively to the topic as a whole with a paper or two.

blogging now undertaken

visitors to chaosdesignorder can now enjoy some behind the scenes blathering about our adventures in 3D, whether it be through our preferred software applications or whether we’re trying to get something to 3D print.
It will be published here, bare bones and for everyone to see, because it’s not always about the shiny picture perfect posed portfolio stuff we’ve uploaded so far.

So sit back relax and enjoy what we have to share, oh and don’t be shy, we’d love to hear what you think.