From 360° Video


It’s been a busy few days attending and presenting J5 the 360 Video platform at  on Saturday. Unfortunately not without a few hiccoughs, so a thanks to the guys from the Google user group for a hand, a Leatherman to be exact, which so happened to be imperial – what are the odds?

The wheels literally came off and not having the correct hex key there was very little to be done, but hey that’s prototyping for you. Wheels on and rearing to go and well, well not so fast the saying goes. Another minor setback of the wheels rubbing against the underside of the chassis rendered the vehicle useless… nonetheless, there was enough to chat to all who were curious enough to stop by.


human analogue materials research

This week sees me back at the coal face of my Msc with an update on the project so far, check it out.  We, the team I’m working with, are now at the point of preliminary materials testing.

Johnny 5.1: robotic 360° video platform

A current side project with Filip Florek of Cutemachines, John Huikku of Tarina VR &  Emmet Burke of Nova Realities in which we’re developing a robotic platform to capture 360° Video. It’s a rough and ready proof of concept just past the 1.0 phase. We’ll have 2.0 ready for the upcoming AR/VR meetup in Dublin later next month. Here’s a link to the initial testing of the rig and footage.

YouTube: 360° Rover Testing