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a current project to keep all part of the brain engaged. FBOM is a derivative of the Magic 8 Ball with a twist, for when you just don’t give a F*K. Continue reading “FBOM”

Inspired and egged on by Stuart Masterson, Paul Hanlon and Ryan Paetzold (me) have been working on a Raspberry Pi powered 360 camera rig. Continue reading “360 Pi Power”

having a little time to experiment and play around and this is what happens.

the bizif you happen to be in and around Dublin, you may have noticed this as part of a popular granola bar advertising campaign – I had nothing to do with it, it just looked pretty cool so I had to give it a stab. I reckon I got it spot on.

The Art of The Title

This is the result of testing and tweaking of for a title of a similar style which is to be used as part of a submission for a documentary planned for production during 2016. Fingers crossed and good luck to the guys.

Reasons to be Creative 2015

reasons to be creative 2015
Reasons 2015
hosted in the Brighton Dome, in my opinion a slightly rather misplaced though prominent architectural style amongst the Brighton landscape. The event, generously sponsored by the likes of Adobe, Redbull, & Shopify, is one you need to stick on the list as a *creative. With with a stellar line up of speakers, its a tough choice of presentations jam packed into 3 days having you wish you could clone yourself to get it all in. I thoroughly melted my pip managing to see some super speakers. Continue reading “Reasons to be Creative 2015”

Bronze Fill from ColorFabb

Out of the tin it’s a little underwhelming, it really is!

Everyone needs a Yoda or Stormtrooper, now imagine you do and it looks as if you’d had bust cast in solid bronze – enter ColorFabb’s Bronze Fill filament. Continue reading “Bronze Fill from ColorFabb”

3D Printers, ever evolving

sainsmart, 3D printer, LCD interface, £D printer rebuild
upgrades and transplants

Upgrading to use a term, one of our printers to include an LCD interface, with being fortunate to have more than one printer in the studio allows for some experimentation and testing of current and what are sold as ‘upgrades’ to current FFF printers.
Continue reading “3D Printers, ever evolving”

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