Reasons to be Creative 2015

reasons to be creative 2015
Reasons 2015
hosted in the Brighton Dome, in my opinion a slightly rather misplaced though prominent architectural style amongst the Brighton landscape. The event, generously sponsored by the likes of Adobe, Redbull, & Shopify, is one you need to stick on the list as a *creative. With with a stellar line up of speakers, its a tough choice of presentations jam packed into 3 days having you wish you could clone yourself to get it all in. I thoroughly melted my pip managing to see some super speakers. Read more

blogging now undertaken

visitors to chaosdesignorder can now enjoy some behind the scenes blathering about our adventures in 3D, whether it be through our preferred software applications or whether we’re trying to get something to 3D print.
It will be published here, bare bones and for everyone to see, because it’s not always about the shiny picture perfect posed portfolio stuff we’ve uploaded so far.

So sit back relax and enjoy what we have to share, oh and don’t be shy, we’d love to hear what you think.