sainsmart, 3D printer, LCD interface, £D printer rebuild
upgrades and transplants

Upgrading to use a term, one of our printers to include an LCD interface, with being fortunate to have more than one printer in the studio allows for some experimentation and testing of current and what are sold as ‘upgrades’ to current FFF printers.

The machine in question is originally a LPFRG Creatr dual extruder machine, with one big BUT. Early in its life it ran into some electronic difficulty with the motherboard failing, resulting in the printer being replaced under warranty. Since then it’s not been reinstated as bought and is now undergoing a transplant of all it’s innards. Over the next while and until the machine has printed its first, I’ll attempt to update this particular thread with developments, findings and work-around solutions to not too uncommon challenges that arise during the build and upgrade.


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