reasons to be creative 2015
Reasons 2015
hosted in the Brighton Dome, in my opinion a slightly rather misplaced though prominent architectural style amongst the Brighton landscape. The event, generously sponsored by the likes of Adobe, Redbull, & Shopify, is one you need to stick on the list as a *creative. With with a stellar line up of speakers, its a tough choice of presentations jam packed into 3 days having you wish you could clone yourself to get it all in. I thoroughly melted my pip managing to see some super speakers.

I’m not one to gush about inspiration, but more into seeing what speakers who are in similar areas of creativity or technology are working on or playing with to make reams of notes to go back and research, with the intention to make what I work on and play with better, quicker or just more fun – c’mon these things aren’t holidays.

Talks over the 3 days by Mike Brondbjerg, Wouter Verweirder,  Dominic Wilcox, David Lenearts, Jeff Greenspan, Jane ni Dhulchaointigh, Yuko Shimizu, Chris Gannon, Carla Diana, Danny Yount, and Evan Roth

I’m not going to write war and peace about what I saw, heard & took away, but this, make the effort to  check out their work on the links above and make your own reams of notes and things to research, create your own take-aways and if you can, get to attend an event where they are presenting.

so thanks to John for putting this together and importantly:  *creatives are not necessarily just designers

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