Inspired and egged on by Stuart Masterson, Paul Hanlon and Ryan Paetzold (me) have been working on a Raspberry Pi powered 360 camera rig.So far we have managed to design and 3D print a suitable prototyping rig whereby we can adjust the angle of the cameras to compensate for a somewhat unknown camera lens FOV (field of view). The Pi mounts to have been designed with as much flexibility in mind so as to allow for versions of the Pi and or a Pi clone / substitute.

The project is currently in the capable hands of Paul who’s working out the code nuts and bolts to be able to capture and stitch the images within a Pi.

As the project is currently in its infancy there’s not to report, merely show & tell of what we’ve done and where’re we’re at, so if it’s something you’d like to keep up to speed with, pop back from time to time.

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