After reading through Pat Thomson’s Blog about how blogging can assist with academic writing, I’m going to give it a stab. To be frankly honest, I’d prefer to be modeling something up in software, burning out an electrical component, or sketching out a new idea/solution to something, rather than writing.

I do however generally always have a notebook a hand to jot down what I’ve been up to, of which rarely see the light of day. So this will be an attempt to record the progress of the next 4 years whilst I undertake my Ph.D. spelling mistakes and all.

Before I get into all of that, an introduction into what this journey will be all about, a little on the back story. I recently finished up with an MSc in Medical Device Design through NCAD, Dublin, which was wild, to say the least. The exposure and opportunity to work with top-tier medical companies on projects promoted the projects to more than blue-sky academic exercises in design, coupled with colleagues from varied backgrounds elevated the outcomes of the projects beyond what would have been possible through a single endeavor.

Then, during my thesis project, whilst catcing-up on LinkedIn news, I read a posting from our course coordinator about a Ph.D. position available for a suitable candidate at UCD (University College Dublin). The topic of 3D Printing of Medical Devices with the aid of Multi-Axis Robotic platform was like WTF – seriously – I want in. So a year-long MSc has developed into a 4 year-long Ph.D. where at the end, firstly, I’m aiming to complete the project – sane, but more so contribute positively to the topic as a whole with a paper or two.


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